Our Company

Bringing the Blackstone Valley with Quality Fuels & Great Service Since 1948

Albert S. Nydam knew back in 1948 that he wasn’t going to be a farmer. His father, George Nydam, had told him that his brother Jim, who was older, would be taking over the responsibility on the family spread “and there isn’t enough room for both of you to work the farm.” So young Al got a job in the plumbing shop at the Whitin Machine Works and pumped water for the town of Northbridge, MA. But about the same time, his dad purchased a couple of old oil trucks. The rest is history. The home heating business became Al Nydam’s new vocation.

Old Nydam Oil delivery truck in black and white

Antique Nydam Oil Truck and Brand New Fuel Truck


Our Commitment to You

Now, 75 years later, Nydam Oil Co. is run by Albert’s son Henry “Hank” Nydam and grandson George Nydam and continues to grow stronger than ever before. Though we’ve increased our service offerings and expanded over the years, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to keeping our Massachusetts community safe, warm, and protected, no matter how low the temperatures drop!